The Connecting Devon and Somerset’s (CDS) Mobile Boost scheme has reopened to new applications on the 19th July 2024. Businesses and households can for a short time apply for a voucher of up to £1,300 towards the cost of a mobile signal booster from Moortek. 

Access The Connecting Devon And Somerset Mobile Booster Voucher Scheme For Rural Areas With Moortek.

Are you sick and tired of slow broadband? …and fed up with waiting to see if a better service will ever reach your location? There may well be a solution that’s available to you right now!
High-speed satellite internet is now available across Devon and the South West through Starlink, the world’s largest constellation of highly advanced satellites operating globally in a low orbit .

Keep you existing telephone number. Stay connected. Local expertise. World class technology!

Our WiFi solutions allow you to move around your property or business premises and always remain connected with a strong WiFi signal.

Featured Signal Boosters

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